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You know you’re my friend when I send you weirdly cropped pictures where I’ve added text to make them funny (to me).

So sorry craigalicious-edenfire57, but it seems you’ve become my friend. Those are the rules. Suffer.

best friendship V u V

"I am Tachibana Makoto the champion of the sea! In the name of love and friendship, I’ll protect you!!~°•○♡."

I live and breathe magical girl Makoto, there will never be enough of it


so craigalicious-edenfire57 definitely found a new cosplay for me!


so craigalicious-edenfire57 definitely found a new cosplay for me!

okay you guys, like firefighter makoto is hot and all, but barista Makoto tho♡♡
((I just want my baby to be safe @ n @ fighting fires is dangerous!!)

*tragic music in the background*

poor Ai has such a rough life V n V Nagisa should try to play nice



i find it quite interesting, that out of all Haru’s closest friends, Rin’s the only one who has opened eyes in this dream.
Also he doesn’t look creepy at all, i’d even say he looks amazing with this halo around him, that looks like wings. His eyes demanding, gaze intense. But he’s just too bright and Haru covers his eyes.
Does it mean that in Haru’s head Rin symbolizes future that calls him for decisions he’s too afraid and lost to make? And that’s why Rin is getting all of Haru’s pain when he breaks down, even if all that pressure wasn’t really coming from Rin in the first place.

"If you consider Haruka’s state of mind during that scene - while understanding nothing himself, don’t you think that Rin, who has his eyes set firmly on the future, might appeared to have been shining to him?"

I feel like the reason they have their eyes closed has nothing to do with Haru’s perception (or closeness) to them, but rather the exact thing that the dream is hitting at: they do not know about the future, either. They’re blind, even if they’re hopeful for the future- Rin is the only one with that dream, with that promised land before him, with his eyes open. He’s found his light, but Haru is struggling to find his own- he doesn’t want Rin’s light.

childhood weddings and forget-me-nots ♡♡

childhood weddings and forget-me-nots ♡♡

Get to know me

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Name: Eden*:.

 Birthday: May 27

Favorite color: bluuee <3

Lucky number: 5

Height: 5’5”

Talents: drawing, wibbling, and staying awake for ridiculous amounts of time, marathoning

Last dream you remember: uuhh a cute friend of mine and i  going shopping together?? i think we also snuggled and watched anime?? idk i’m not very good at dreaming ^^”

Can you juggle: I was pretty good at juggling scarves in elementary school… i think i might have been one of the best in my class (i’m prolly shit at it now ^^”)) 

Art/sports/both: shit art is my jam! I love drawing, mainly pencil, colored pencil and ink, and i’ve even dabbled in acrylic painting and watercolors. someone art with me (also, i used to adore hockey!!! <3 I also like gymnastics (and rock climbing) and I am counting mini golf as a sport))  

Do you like writing: i tend to loathe it…. like i kind of hate having to write in general but i tend to like writing out my headcanons. and i kind of wish i could write actual, fully fleshed fanfiction..
((okay, so i usually refuse to read anything even remotely sad and/or dark, but a couple years ago i attempted my first ever fanfic (k2 from south park) and i intened it to be really cute and fluffy and i  don’t know how it happened but it somehow ended up being really depressing and pretty fucking dark and like fuck when i read over it when i was done i cried so much and i felt so sick to my stomach and i just had such a hard time just finishing it it was awful and i just cringe whenever i think about it and i guess it just traumatized me to the point where i haven’t really been able to attempt writing an actual fic since then… ; n ;)) 

Do you like dancing: i like the idea of it..but i am an awful dancer (i have no rhythm…) also i really don’t like people looking at me.. ^^” (i do like swinging my hips at home sometimes tho)) 

Do you like singing: ..i.. i have no rhythm… @ n @ like, i like to sing by myself and i have just always wanted to be good at it.. but like, my voice is pretty fucking ugly.. tbh i have no idea how anyone can stand me speaking let alone singing.. *sigh*


Dream vacation: hmm i dunno… i’m not particularly big on travel.. but like maybe one of those cliche roadtrips you go on with your lover (or good friends) and you have the windows rolled down and you’re in the passenger seat with your feet on the dashboard and the radio is on and you’re both singing really loudly along with crappy pop songs and you stop at a cute park for sandwiches and rides on the swings and its just a really nice laidback time~ ahh.. so nice.. ((i also looovee nice hotels that have pools, breakfast and wifi))

Dream guy/gal: Makoto Tachibana V u V

Dream wedding: I dunno.. maybe something in the early evening and its really dim and there are pretty fairy lights everywhere and its just really calm and lovely (i considered it being outside, like under the moonlight, but i’m not really a nature person.. so maybe a place with  glass ceiling?)) idk cliche weddings are cute too, but i mean as long as i’m happy and in love with the person i’m marrying, it doesn’t really matter..

Dream pet: Shark Puppy for sure <3<3
((or maybe a tachibanana..))

Dream job: something cute, enjoyable and low stress (i really hope i’ll like whatever i end up doing..))

Favorite song: current song stucking my head would be Addicted by Simple plan (I also like Settle Down by The 1975 and Kuso Breaking no Breaking Lily by Maximum the Hormone is always a fave (i’ve also been really into Ooh Child by the Final Stairsteps and Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae)) 

Favorite album: i am uneducated about music so.. (does the Shrek 2 soundtrack count?)

Last song you heard on the radio: You Keep Me Hanging On by Kim Wilde i think??

Least favorite song:ehh.. i’m sure i have some cringe worthy, ick songs but i don’t tend to memorize stuff like that ^^” (Boyfriend by Justin Bieber is definitely on my “Do Not Like” list along with Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn is uugghh *shudders* i hate that song.. the cover by Neon Hitch is hella fly tho))

Least favorite album: ???

Least favorite artist: bieber is a bit of a dickhole twat 


Guys/girls/both: I kinda wish I was attracted to girls bc they’re hecka pretty and cute but boys tho <3<3<3

Hair color: dark (now that i think about it, i think i might have a thing for brunets… huh) 

Eye color: green (and blue)

Humorous/serious: I definitely prefer the lighthearted, laid back, humorous approach to things (have to be serious when the time calls for it tho)

Taller/shorter: TALLER OH MY GOD please

Biggest turn-off: looong hair (i adore shaggy hair but like) also being bummed out and serious all the time

Biggest turn-on: TALL AND FUNNY!! AND YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DORKY/AWKWARD SENSE OF HUMOR!! goodness marry me (also, singing, drawing, and loving tv are my jam ; v ;))

—I TAG:  tachibanaharu melmalfoy lesfrites sinfulhime derrierebender shotas teicakes ladysqueakinpip topazpearl autobot-bumblebee (danderedreams you can do this one too if you feel up to it!!) you guys don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!! ^^” and if any of my friends/followers i didn’t tag wanna do it, please go ahead!! and please tag me when if you do, so i can see it!! ^ v ^/


woa guess who recently got into Ranma 1/2??? omg (it&#8217;s like really cute and really funny and I actually kind of love it)


woa guess who recently got into Ranma 1/2??? omg (it’s like really cute and really funny and I actually kind of love it)

damn son

damn son

poor little baby duckling :c

poor little baby duckling :c

my sweet little orca whale°•○.♡ awh

my sweet little orca whale°•○.♡ awh

my sweet little orca whale°•○.♡ awh

my sweet little orca whale°•○.♡ awh

I was tagged by danderedreams <3 <3 (awwhh!! i haven’t talked to you in soo long omg!!))


NAME: Eden~

NICKNAME: i don’t have a fucking nickname! *tears up* (sometimes acquaintances and strangers call me “Blondie”…))

BIRTHDAY: Maaay 27th


SEXUALITY: like i wanna like girls bc they’re pretty and they’d be nice to me, but daaaaaammmnnn when I see a cute boy <3<3<3 shit boys tho

HEIGHT: 5’ 5”

TIME ZONE: central 


AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEPnever.. idk man like four or five on school nights and like twelve on weekends

OTP(S): MAKOHARRUUU!! KAGEHINA! CREEEEK!!!!! <3<3<3 (leslie/ben and april/andy from parks and rec oh man))

THE LAST THING I GOOGLED WAS: beowolf shit for english


WHAT I LAST SAID TO A FAMILY MEMBER: prolly “love you grandma” or something like that V u V

ONE PLACE THAT MAKES ME HAPPY AND WHY: beddssss!! i love beds!! ahh, whenever i see them i just melt and wanna snuggle in them under a bunch of blankets. it makes me feel warm and safe and a little less stressed out ah~

HOW MANY BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: one.. until i moved in with my wife Mari… > 3 > she likes to pile like 8 blankets on the bed in a big, lumpy, uncomfortable mess ugh

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: oh shit, that ridiculously unhealthy coffee my dad and i make (also milk)

THE LAST MOVIE I WATCHED IN THE CINEMA WAS: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!! soo cute!! Chris Pratt is my waif <3 ((i actually saw it in theaters twice lol)

THREE THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: some form of internet, my drawings, mari (and lu)

SOMETHING I PLAN ON LEARNING: how to avoid doing adult things also sculpting

A PIECE OF ADVICE FOR ALL MY FOLLOWERS: slow down and enjoy the tachibooty

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